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Uncertainty in Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis (2017)

Poster 124x175 The Pancyprian Union of Chemists (Division of Quality Assurance) hosted the two-day Eurachem Workshop on “Uncertainty in Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis” during the week 29th May- 3rd June 2017.

All available information about the workshop is listed below, including the complete programme booklet and all available presentations and poster copies. Additional copies can be found on the workshop website.

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Workshop information

Date: 29th-30th May 2017
Venue: Nicosia, Cyprus
First circular: Download the first circular (pdf, 1M)
Second circular:

Download the second circular (pdf, 161 kB)

Abstracts Complete programme and abstracts (pdf, 14.5Mb)


Day 1: Plenary session

Welcome - Introductory remarks
Local Organizing comittee
Current Eurachem activities
David Milde, Eurachem Chair, Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic
Approaches to evaluating measurement uncertainty
S Ellison, LGC Limited, UK
Practical approaches for testing laboratories
Vicki Barwick, LGC Limited, UK
Traceability and uncertainty in qualitative analysis
Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Day 1: Parallel sessions


Measurement and Diagnostic Uncertainty in Laboratory Medicine
Elvar Theodorsson, Linköping University, Sweden
Measurement uncertainty in quantitative metabolomics
Wolfhard Wegscheider, Leoben University, Austria
Validation of PCR-based forensic DNA analysis methods
Johannes Hedman, National Forensic Centre, Sweden
Validation of chromatographic methods in forensic science – focusing on uncertainty
Robert Waldebring, National Forensic Centre, Sweden
Uncertaintycalc: an R written web application hosts calculation of uncertainty for real time qPCR users
Athanasios Kossyvakis
Uncertainties in the determination of VOCs in breath analysis
Agapios Agapiou


Measurement uncertainty in microbiological examinations of foods
Hilde Skår Norli, Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Norway
Is capillary zone electrophoresis a sufficient technique for determination of pathogens?
Boguslaw Buszewski, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland
Measurement uncertainty in qualitative and quantitative wide - scope screening with LC-HRMS
Nikolaos S. Thomaidis
Uncertainties in nanoparticles research and development
Εugenia Eftimie Totu, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
Dietary Risk Assessment of Nitrates in Cyprus and the relevant uncertainties
Georgios Stavroulakis
Measurement uncertainty for the assigned value of the activity of Alkaline Phosphatase in a lyophilized milk Reference Material
Marina Patriarca

Discussion sessions (Day 1)

Day 2: Plenary session 1

Underestimating uncertainty?
Bertil Magnusson, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Is my uncertainty estimate reliable? Using data from CRMs, PT samples and standard methods.
Marina Patriarca, Italian National Institute for Health, Italy
Measurement uncertainty in compliance testing with a focus on EU food and feed legislation
Piotr Robouch,  European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Belgium
Codex Alimentarius – Approaches to Measurement Uncertainty
Andrew Damant, UK Food Standards Agency, UK

Day 2: Parallel sessions


Validation and uncertainty evaluation of the identification of doping agents in sport by GC-MS/MS
Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva
Qualitative uncertainty (reliability) of chemical identification with High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Marios Kostakis
Analytical method selectivity – in metrology and in real life
George Horvai


Determination of pesticides in drinking, surface and ground water
Spyros Nikolaou
Determination of stabilizers in nitrocellulose-based propellants before and after ageing
Elena Ioannou Papayiann
Estimation of the measurement uncertainty based on method validation according to alternative models
Katrin Kittler

Discussion sessions (Day 2)

  • Qualitative analysis
    Chaired by:  Costas Michael, R Bettencourt de Silva [Summary Available]
    Available information: Summary [PDF]
  • Environment
    Chaired by: Piotr Robouch, Popi Kanari
    Available information: Summary [PDF]

 Day 2: Plenary session 2

Measurement uncertainty: Requirements set in the accreditation standards
Kyriacos Tsimillis, Division of Quality Assurance, Pancyprian Union of Chemists, Cyprus
Future directions in measurement uncertainty.
S Ellison, LGC Limited, UK