Reference Materials Working group

(Joint with CITAC)

Terms of reference

  1. To establish a working group of experts nominated by GA Members, EA, EUROLAB and other interested organizations with liaisons with Eurachem, to review and update as necessary the guide on ‘Selection and use of Reference Materials’ (2002) following the revision of the ISO/REMCO Guides on RMs.
  2. To contribute to disseminate information on good practice in the selection and use of RMs, by promoting Eurachem guidance on RMs.
  3. To contribute to maintain and update the relevant section on RMs of the Eurachem Reading List.
  4. The Eurachem Reference Materials Working Group has been established and will operate in accordance with the Constitution agreed in the Eurachem Memorandum of Understanding

Current activities

The Eurachem RM working group is currently working to update the guide on ‘Selection and use of Reference Materials’, first published in 2002, following the revision of ISO/REMCO Guides 30-35 on Reference Materials.

RMWG members at the 2018 meeting
Members of the Eurachem Reference Materials Working Group at the inaugural meeting in 2018 at ISS in Rome.


 Eurachem  Maria Belli Italy
  Ute Braun Germany
  Kathrin Breitruck Switzerland
  Stephen Ellison UK
  Nineta Hrastelj Slovenia
  Dimka Ivanova Bulgaria
  Markus Obkircher Switzerland
  Ulf Örnemark Sweden
  Marina Patriarca
  Zbyněk Plzák Czech Republic
  Gonzalez Estibaliz Sastre Spain
  Lorens Sibbesen Denmark
  Angela Sorbo
  Kyriacos Tsimillis Cyprus
  Giovanna Zappa Italy
  Claudia Zoani Italy
CITAC Michela Sega Italy
EA Giulia Suriani Italy
European Commission
Marina Ricci EU


The working group may be contacted via the Eurachem Secretariat using the website contact form.