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Measurement Uncertainty and Traceability Working Group

This is a joint WG with CITAC.

Terms of Reference

  1. The EURACHEM/CITAC Measurement Uncertainty and Traceability Working Group has been established and will operate in accordance with the Constitution agreed in the EURACHEM Memorandum of Understanding.
  2. The EURACHEM/CITAC Measurement Uncertainty and Traceability Working Group will prepare guidance for the evaluation of uncertainties and establishment of traceability in chemical analysis. This guidance will be applicable to all chemical analytical laboratories and will provide guidance on the assessment of uncertainties and establishment of traceability required for accreditation.
  3. These guides will be developed in collaboration with EA and will be updated as experience is gained in their use.

Work Programme


Information leaflets

The working group has so far published four information leaflets:

In addition, the WG maintains the leaflet Measurement Uncertainty for Laboratory Customers, originally published by SP and elaborated with Eurolab and others to help customers understand why laboratories report measurement uncertainty.


The Measurement Uncertainty and traceability working group has coordinated several International workshops on measurement uncertainty, including

  • Evaluation of measurement uncertainty (Graz, 1994; Berlin, 1997, Lisbon, 2011)
  • Measurement Uncertainty in Sampling and Compliance (Berlin, 2008)
  • Eurachem Workshop: Quality in Analytical Measurements (Lisbon, 2014)



CountryMember CountryMember
EURACHEM Armenia K Darbinyan Spain Pedro Pavlo Morillas
  Austria W Wegscheider Sweden B Magnusson (Secretary)
  Finland Teemu Naykki Sweden E Sahlin
  Estonia I Leito Sweden E Theodorsson
  Germany W Bremser Switzerland M Rösslein
  Germany R Kaus The Netherlands A van der Veen
  Ireland Éidín Christie The Netherlands R Kaarls
  Ireland M Walsh Turkey Burcu BİNİCİ
  Italy F Pennecchi Turkey P Yolci
  Italy M Sega United Kingdom S Ellison (Chair)
  IRMM (EC) P Robouch United Kingdom R MacArthur
  Portugal R Bettencourt da Silva United Kingdom A Williams
  Portugal O Pellegrino United Kingdom R Wood
  Poland A Brzyski Ukraine  O Levbarg
  Serbia-Montenegro Jelena Bebic    
  Slovenia Dr M Inkret    
CITAC Israel I Kuselman    

*Last updated 2018-05-22


The working group may be contacted via the working group Secretary using the Website contact form.