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Measurement Uncertainty in Sampling and Compliance (2008)


BAM, Berlin, 15-16 April 2008


Existing guidance has concentrated mainly on the evaluation of measurement uncertainty arising from the
processes carried out in the laboratory itself. This workshop presented two new Eurachem guides, one dealing with the uncertainty arising from taking the initial sample and the other with taking uncertainty into account when
assessing compliance with a regulation or specification.

With these two guides, Eurachem now has guidance starting with sampling, through method validation, traceability,
analytical uncertainty and compliance assessment.

The symposium started with an overview of measurement uncertainty and its importance, then turned to the application of the two new guides. Day 1 covered sampling uncertainty and Day 2 considered compliance assessment as well as touching on new developments in the assessment of measurement uncertainty.

Day 1: Uncertainty from Sampling


  • S Ellison: Introduction to EURACHEM and its activities [View presentation pdficon_small]
  • W Wegscheider: Basics of measurement uncertainty
  • M Ramsey: Overview of uncertainty from sampling and the Ufs Guide [View presentation pdficon_small]
  • R Wood: Uncertainty from sampling – discussions within the Codex Alimentarius Commission [View presentation pdficon_small]
  • J Ruddle: Uncertainty from sampling and accreditation of samplers [View presentation pdficon_small]
  • B Magnusson: Uncertainty from sampling as a means to improve the quality of sampling – case study with food [View presentation pdficon_small]
  • M Ramsey: The way forward for uncertainty from sampling [View presentation pdficon_small]

Case Studies

  • Mike Thompson.: Uncertainty from sampling Food: an empirical approach [View presentation pdficon_small]
  • Katie Boon: Uncertainty from sampling Soil: an empirical approach [view presentation]
  • Pentti Minkkinen: Uncertainty from sampling Animal Feed: a particulate modelling approach [view presentation]
  • Ulrich Kurfürst: Uncertainty from sampling Soil: a budget modelling approach [View presentation pdficon_small]
  • C Gron: Uncertainty from sampling Groundwater: an empirical approach [View presentation pdficon_small]

Day 2: Uncertainty for Compliance Assessment


  • B Magnusson: Decision making - what more do you need than the analytical result? [View presentation pdficon_small]
  • R Wood: How legislators interpret specifications within the food sector with respect to measurement uncertainty [View presentation pdficon_small]
  • A Williams: Principles of the EURACHEM/CITAC Guide “Use of uncertainty for compliance assessment” [View presentation pdficon_small]
  • Martin Czaske: Usage of the uncertainty of measurement by accredited laboratories when stating compliance [View presentation pdficon_small]
  • S Ellison: Uncertainty, asymmetry and constraints: coverage intervals for large uncertainties [View presentation pdficon_small]