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Use of uncertainty information in compliance assessment. (2007)

NOTE: This version of "Use of uncertainty information in compliance assessment" has been superseded by the Second Edition, published in 2021. The second edition can be found here.


Stringent and relaxed acceptance 230x200In order to decide whether a result indicates compliance or non-compliance with a specification, it is necessary to take into account the measurement uncertainty associated with the result. This guide provides guidance on how uncertainty may be taken into account in deciding compliance with a limit.

The guide is applicable to decisions on compliance with regulatory or manufacturing limits where a decision is made on the basis of a measurement result accompanied by information on the uncertainty associated with the result. It covers cases where the uncertainty does not depend on the value of the measurand, and cases where the uncertainty is proportional to the value of the measurand.

The guide includes a discussion and general recommendations, followed by more detailed instructions on establishing rules for interpretation and by several examples.


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