Pre- and Post-analytical PT


prepost80EURACHEM through its Proficiency Testing Working Group has produced an information leaflet on Pre- and post-analytical proficiency testing aimed at PT participants and their customers. This second edition is an editorial revision.


The second edition is currently available in the following languages. Links to translations of the first edition are temporarily maintained on this page (below) for convenience while translations of the second edition are prepared.

* Dates are the date of addition to this website


Translation into other languages is under way via the PT Working Group. Please consult the PT Working Group Chair if you would like to prepare a translation in your own language.

Previous editions

The first edition of this information leaflet is available here. Selected translations of the first edition are listed below for convenience, pending translation of the second edition.


1. Dates show date of publication of the linked file on this website.

2. 2nd English edition first published 2022-07-30