Quality Assurance for Research and Development and Non-routine Analysis (1998)


This guide, produced by a joint Eurachem/CITAC working party representing industrial, academic, and governmental interests, promotes and describes the concepts of quality assurance in the non-routine environment. The guide promotes a nested approach to quality assurance, dealing with it at a general organisational level, a technical level and a project specific level. It is intended to promote the use of QA as an effective tool for establishing and maintaining quality in R&D and non-routine operations. It does not seek to set criteria for accreditation of R&D although there is a section describing various methods for third party assessment of quality systems. The guidance may form the basis on which accreditation criteria can be set in the future. The guidance is intended to complement the existing CITAC guide (CG1) which describes QA in the routine environment. It is primarily directed towards analytical chemistry establishments but is, in principle, applicable to other sectors. An extensive bibliography is included.


The English language version (edition 1.0 1998) is available from the UK National Measurement System Chemical and Biological Metrology programme.

Download the guide from this website (new window) (pdf, 203 kB).


A German language version can be downloaded from the Eurachem/DE website documents page. (Opens new Browser window).

Translation into other languages is permitted for members of Eurachem. Other offers of translation should be directed to the Eurachem Secretariat for permission. The Eurachem policy on maintenance and development of Eurachem guidance, available on the Policies page, gives further information on translation.