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Eurachem and Europe Section of AOAC International sign Memorandum of Understanding


Eurachem and the Europe Section of AOAC International are pleased to announce that on 25 November 2021, Vicki Barwick (Eurachem Chair) and Dr Thomas Gude (President of Europe Section of AOAC International) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), with the aim of fostering closer links and providing opportunities for collaboration between the two organisations.

The Europe Section of AOAC International, founded in March 1983 in Brussels, aims to promote interest and participation in AOAC International programmes related to method validation and ensuring the quality of measurements in the analytical sciences, and provide a means of increasing the knowledge and technical skills of analytical scientists, through symposia, seminars, forums, workshops and other similar technical updates.

Eurachem, established in 1989, provides a focus for analytical chemistry and quality related issues in Europe. The network gives a forum for European laboratories and other organisations to promote the adoption of common principles of valid analytical measurement, and to collaborate on the development of guidelines supporting good quality practices.

The Europe Section of AOAC International and Eurachem have a history of collaboration and the MoU provides a framework for strengthening the relationship, with a view to optimising resources to ensure maximum benefit for both organisation’s members and the wider analytical community.

Vicki Barwick, Chair, Eurachem, said,

“Our two organisations have a long history of collaboration, and given the common aims of Eurachem and the Europe Section of AOAC International I am pleased to formalise the relationship through the signing of the MoU. I am sure this will bring great benefits in the area of analytical quality assurance and I look forward to a close and productive collaboration in the future.”

Thomas Gude, President, Europe Section of AOAC International, said,

“Both organisations deal with the similar topics in the area of analytical chemistry. Therefore, it is “logic” to co-operate more closely and extract synergies. With signing this MoU the first step is done for a fruitful collaboration. We are happy to have Eurachem as a partner to discuss upcoming and already existing questions in analytical chemistry.”