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The Eurachem News mailing list

The Eurachem News mailing list provides occasional news summaries and brief announcements covering Eurachem activities, events, new guidance, and other activities important to Eurachem members. You can subscribe to receive Eurachem news updates by email using the form below - just enter your email address.

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Problems subscribing or receiving news

News mail marked as 'spam' or 'junk'

If you do not receive a confirmation email, or fail to receive subsequent news updates, please check any email spam traps etc. in case the email is not recognised. The sender will usually be "Eurachem news". You may also find it useful to add the eurachem news email address as a known sender if you find emails marked as spam.

Persistent failure to receive email from the news list

Some corporate email systems trap news mailing before delivery. We regret that we can not assist in resolving this as it is outside our control. If you do not receive any mail from the mailing list, and find nothing in your spam or junk folder, please refer the problem to your own IT department or mail provider.

Mailing list privacy policy

In addition to our policy on use of personal data:

  • Subscriber email addresses will be used only for the purpose of sending Eurachem e-news updates. These may include information from organisations in liaison with Eurachem and news from our National members.
  • Subscriber email addresses will never be passed on to any third party except for our mailing list service provider for the purpose of distributing mail to subscribers.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time using the links provided in e-News emails.