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EUROLAB and Eurachem sign new cooperation agreement


Eurachem and Eurolab representatives show their signed MOU copies in the online meetingIn light of a close and fruitful cooperation, EUROLAB and Eurachem signed a new Memorandum of Understanding on 19 October, via an online meeting. EUROLAB and Eurachem will work closely together in identifying key activities to further develop the relationship, undertake collaborative tasks, and exchange expertise on topics of common interest.

Regular communication between the Chairs and Secretariats will enable coordination and joint positions on policy matters of interest to the European laboratory community and its customers, such as the European Commission R&D programmes, pre-standardisation activities, standards for laboratories and accreditation practices.

Eurachem and EUROLAB will work together in the organisation of joint events, contributing to joint working groups of mutual interest (e.g. on development of guidelines) and assist each other in finding suitable experts for dealing with specific topics, such as sampling and decision rules. Both organisations will also encourage liaison at the national level between their respective national members, in order to facilitate and improve benefits and exchange of information between their member organisations' members. Last but not least the communication between the organisations will be enhanced through a close collaboration between the two Secretariats in the creation and exchange of publications, briefings and other communication materials that are relevant for the membership.

Vicki Barwick, Eurachem Chair, said:

"Given the longstanding cooperation between EUROLAB and Eurachem, I am pleased that we have been able to formalise the relationship through the signing of the MoU. I am sure this will be of great benefit to the laboratory community and I look forward to a close and productive collaboration in the future".

Paolo Moscatti, EUROLAB President, highlighted:

"We very much welcome the signature of the MoU with EURACHEM, as a step forward in our closer collaboration that we have already developed for several years. This MoU is not only about the two organisations coming and working together on various key issues, but it’s also an opportunity for the members’ members of our organisations to exchange key data, develop joint positions and best practices that bring an added value to the laboratory community. We look forward to a very fruitful and successful collaboration".