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New edition of Eurachem Compliance Guide and Information Leaflet

Five cases of compliance assessment

The Eurachem measurement uncertainty and traceability working group is pleased to publish a new, revised edition of the Eurachem/CITAC guide "Use of uncertainty information in compliance assessment", together with a revised version of the introductory Information Leaflet on the same topic. Both are intended to help laboratories develop and use decision rules that can be used in conformity assessment applications, supporting the conformity assessment requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Both of these guidance documents have been amended to take into account the developments in other international guides and Standards, including ILAC G8, "Guidelines on Decision Rules and Statements of Conformity" and JCGM 106, "Evaluation of measurement data – The role of measurement uncertainty in conformity assessment".

Guide and Leaflet cover - thumbnailThe new information leaflet is a concise introduction to the topic of assessing compliance against limits. The new Guide includes a discussion and general recommendations, including the use of "guard bands" to improve the probability of correct acceptance or correct rejection. This is followed by more detailed guidance on establishing rules for interpretation and by several examples. The new edition of the Guide includes several new features, including

  • The use of decision rules that provide for conditional or inconclusive results are introduced (sometimes called “non-binary” decision rules);
  • a new introduction to the ideas of "global" and "specific" risk, which are important concepts in ILAC G8.
  • use of the lognormal distribution for some important asymmetric cases.

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