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Introduction to Eurachem

Established in 1989, Eurachem provides a focus for analytical chemistry and quality related issues in Europe.

Eurachem is a network of organisations in Europe, having the objective of establishing a system for the international traceability of chemical measurements and the promotion of good quality practices. It provides a forum for the discussion of common problems and for developing an informed and considered approach to both technical and policy issues.

Within Europe there are thousands of organisations concerned with analytical measurement. However, within the broad field of testing, chemical measurement has generally been poorly represented. Eurachem was established to address this concern and its network of national laboratories enables analytical laboratories to work together on analytical measurement issues. Eurachem's uniqueness as an organisation comes from its primary focus which is the analytical quality of chemical measurement.

Membership of Eurachem is open to countries within the European Union and the European Free Trade Association, the European Commission and European countries recognised by the EU and EFTA as accession states. Other European countries and organisations with an interest in quality of chemical measurements may participate in Eurachem as Associate or Observer members. For example, AOAC International and the Federation of European Chemical Societies (FECS) can attend Eurachem meetings as observers. All delegates to the Eurachem General Assembly are eligible to voice their opinions and participate in projects of interest. The only requirement is that members actively participate and share the costs of activities by contributing support for selected tasks.

Most members have now established national Eurachem organisations. One of Eurachem's primary roles is therefore to provide the framework to coordinate and facilitate collaboration on national Eurachem activities. Eurachem activities cover many areas, some of which are specifically addressed through small working groups. These working groups, some of which are organised jointly with other organisations, pursue programmes of work to seek the practical achievement of the aims of Eurachem. This includes the production of guides, the organisation of technical workshops, the identification of collaborative practical work, and liaison with the many existing organisations whose activities impinge on the analytical measurement community.

Developments within EURACHEM, and associated international issues, are reported in the EURACHEM Newsletter which is published annually and is available from the EURACHEM website.

This website provides further information on the EURACHEM organisation and gives an overview of the aims and tasks of its committees and working groups.

A short history of the formation and first ten years of Eurachem is available here.