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Second edition of "Measurement Uncertainty Arising from Sampling"

Cover Eurachem's Sampling Uncertainty WG  has issued a new edition of the Eurachem/CITAC Guide "Measurement Uncertainty Arising from Sampling".

Sampling often introduces considerable uncertainty. This Guide describes various methods that can be used to estimate the uncertainties arising from the processes of sampling and the physical preparation of samples. It is intended primarily for specialists such as sampling planners and for analytical chemists who need to estimate the uncertainty associated with their measurement results.

A number of important developments have been incorporated in this second edition. These include

  • the expression of uncertainty of measurement as an uncertainty factor (FU) when the frequency distribution describing the sampling uncertainty is log-normal rather than normal, and the use of an ‘uncertainty factor’ in an uncertainty budget.
  • the use of an unbalanced design to estimate uncertainty more cost-effectively than can be achieved using the balanced ‘duplicate method’ design;
  • updates to definitions and references to reflect current international documents and literature, including applications of these methods to on-site and in situ measurements, made at both the macro and the micro scale.

Download the Guide here >>