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Eurachem launches survey on metrological traceability


Eurachem's measurement uncertainty and traceability working group has launched a survey to learn more about how different people view the often difficult topic of metrological traceability. Responses will help Eurachem understand differing views and improve future Eurachem guidance.

Contribute to the survey here:

The survey is not limited to analytical chemistry and Eurachem would be pleased to have responses from other areas of measurement.

More about the Eurachem survey "Understanding metrological traceability"

The questionnaire is intended to investigate the range of opinion on the often discussed subject of metrological traceability. It is not intended to obtain a 'correct' interpretation; rather, it seeks to establish how similar, or how different, our views are. In the short term this will help us to identify important differences in interpretation; in the longer term it will contribute to improved guidance.

The questionnaire provides a number of scenarios and asks for respondents' views on the metrological traceability of the measurement results obtained. A small number of additional questions are asked to identify respondent categories.

The questionnaire is expected to take 15-20 minutes to complete, and respondents will be able to see a summary of responses (so far) after completing the survey. At present, the survey is only available in English.

A summary of results, and their implications for future guidance, will be published in due course.