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  • Second edition of "Measurement Uncertainty Arising from Sampling"

    Cover Eurachem's Sampling Uncertainty WG  has issued a new edition of the Eurachem/CITAC Guide "Measurement Uncertainty Arising from Sampling".

    Sampling often introduces considerable uncertainty. This Guide describes various methods that can be used to estimate the uncertainties arising from the processes of sampling and the physical preparation of samples. It is intended primarily for specialists such as sampling planners and for analytical chemists who need to estimate the uncertainty associated with their measurement results.

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  • Eurachem updates "Metrological Traceability in Chemical Measurement"

    Cover 92x130Eurachem has issued an updated edition of the Eurachem/CITAC Guide "Traceability in Chemical Measurement". The Guide is intended to assist laboratories in meeting the requirements on traceability of results given in ISO/IEC 17025, giving principles and detailed guidance on establishing of metrological traceability in quantitative chemical analysis. Though aimed principally at testing and measurement laboratories, the principles are expected to apply from routine analysis to basic research.

    This second edition is a minor revision and amends the Guide to reflect revised terminology introduced in the third edition of the International Vocabulary of Metrology (VIM).

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  • "Target measurement uncertainty" leaflet now available in German

    orange tree 90DEThanks to our colleagues in Germany, the Eurachem information leaflet "Setting Target Measurement Uncertainty" can now be read in German. The leaflet gives a short introduction to the importance of the topic of target measurement uncertainty.

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  • Eurachem Workshop on "Uncertainty from sampling and analysis for accredited laboratories

    30th Rosette55x80Eurachem is pleased to announce an International Workshop on "Uncertainty from sampling and analysis for accredited laboratories" in conjunction with Eurolab and CITAC.

    The workshop will be held on 19-20 November 2019. The workshop is kindly hosted by BAM at BAM headquarters, Unter den Eichen, Berlin, Germany.

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  • Eurachem Newsletter available for download

    nl33 80The Winter 2018-19 Eurachem Newsletter is now available to download in PDF format. [7 Mb] Printed copies will also be available through National members.This year's issue includes articles on new Honourary Members of Eurachem, the Revision of the SI, and news from all our working groups and from national Eurachem members.

    Previous newsletters can be found on the Newsletter page.


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