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  • CGPM votes unanimously to change the SI

    SI redef sq smlAt 12:20 CET today, CGPM, the General Conference on Weights and Measures responsible for decisions on the systeme internationale, voted unanimously to move the foundations of physical and chemical measurement.

    The CGPM met, at an open meeting at the Palais des Congrès, Versailles, to discuss and vote on the re-definition of four of the SI’s seven base units: the mole, the ampere, the kelvin, and the kilogram.
    This change, which will come into effect on World Metrology Day (20th May) 2019, is perhaps the most fundamental change in the SI since its inception. For the first time, the SI will be defined entirely in terms of fundamental physical constants, instead of requiring the maintenance of a physical artefact.

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  • Validation of targeted and non-targeted methods - First circular available

    Tartu bridge30th Rosette55x80The first circular for the May 2019 Eurachem workshop on Validation of targeted and non-targeted methods of analysis is now available. Organised by Eurachem colleagues in Estonia, the workshop will be directly relevant to everyone involved in analytical measurements in laboratories such as industry, pharmaceutical, medical, environmental, food, and academia.

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  • IUPAC/CITAC Workshop on Quality of Test Results for Conformity Assessment

    Isranalytica2019LogoCITAC, in conjunction with IUPAC, are pleased to announce the IUPAC/CITAC Workshop on "Quality of Test Results for Conformity Assessment
    of a Chemical Composition: What is Good and What is Bad?"

    The main goal of the workshop is discussion of the quality parameters of test (chemical analytical) results in pharmaceutical industry, environmental analysis, metallurgy and other fields, necessary for conformity assessment of a material or object.

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  • Eurachem leaflet on PT frequency now available in Italian

    PT freq 90ItalyThanks to our Italian colleages and the EURACHEM Proficiency Testing Working Group, the information leaflet "Proficiency testing - how much and how often?" is now available in Italian. The leaflet helps laboratories select the right balance of areas of work and participation frequency.

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  • Eurachem measurement uncertainty guide available in Russian

    ESQUAM:2012 RU Cover (Thumbnail)Thanks to an outstanding effort by our Russian colleagues, the well-known Eurachem/CITAC Guide "Quantifying Uncertainty in Analytical Measurement" (3rd edition) is now available in Russian.

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