Eurachem Newsletter No 12 Summer 1997

Dublin plays host to EURACHEM

Eurachem Workshop

Reports from the May 1997 EURACHEM Meetings

New Members welcomed to EURACHEM

The EURACHEM Committee granted Associate Membership status to four more nations. Cyprus, Lithuania, Malta and Turkey will join the original 6 Associate Members from Central and Eastern Europe, who signed the EURACHEM Memorandum of Understanding back in 1994. Cyprus, Malta and Turkey signed the EURACHEM MoU during the EURACHEM Committee meeting in Dublin. Arrangements for Lithuania to sign are under way.


Also discussed at the Executive and Full Committee meetings were:

  • A proposed structure for establishing traceability of chemical measurements in Europe and associated collaborations with EUROMET and CCQM.
  • Proposed future workshops on Education and Training, QA in non-routine analyses and traceability.
  • Continuing co-operation with EUROLAB, EAL and ILAC.
  • Co-operation with AOAC Europe in the organisation of a workshop in Copenhagen entitled “Dataprocessing and QA in Modern Analytical Laboratories”.
  • The celebration of EURACHEM’s 10th anniversary in 1999.

The next EURACHEM Executive meeting will be in October this year in Berlin, while the EURACHEM Full Committee will next meet in Budapest in April 1998.

EURACHEM Secretariat is on the move

The EURACHEM Secretariat is to transfer from the Laboratory of the Government Chemist (LGC) in the UK, to the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und Prüfung (BAM) in Germany.

Although the Secretariat is elected for a 2-year period, LGC has been the base for the EURACHEM Secretariat since the birth of the organisation in 1989. During this time, it has been funded by the UK Government and has provided a wide range of support activities including:

  • The provision of a full secretarial service to the EURACHEM Executive and Full Committees.
  • Assistance in the organisation of EURACHEM Workshops.
  • A central contact point for all EURACHEM enquiries.
  • The publication of EURACHEM guides, newsletters & leaflets.

The EURACHEM Committee is delighted that BAM has now offered to take over all the Secretariat’s activities. Because of the time LGC has been responsible for the Secretariat, transfer of the various functions will be done gradually, with the New Secretariat taking full control by the end of the year .

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