Eurachem Newsletter No 12 Summer 1997

Eurachem Headline News

New members welcomed to EURACHEM

The EURACHEM Committee granted Associate Membership status to four more nations. Cyprus, Lithuania, Malta and Turkey will join the original 6 Associate Members from Central and Eastern Europe, who signed the EURACHEM Memorandum of Understanding back in 1994. Cyprus, Malta and Turkey signed the EURACHEM MoU during the EURACHEM Committee meeting in Dublin. Arrangements for Lithuania to sign are under way.

EURACHEMís Website Continues to Attract Attention

Figures recently issued by VTT, administrators of EURACHEMís Worldwide Web Homepage show that EURACHEMís website is proving to be popular throughout the world.

In February and March this year, 859 users from 28 nations accessed the website. Users from most European nations as well as Canada, Japan, Costa Rica, Argentina, South Africa, South Korea, Australia and Brazil accessed the site. However, most interest came from the USA, Germany, Finland and the UK.

The most accessed website pages were those containing information about EURACHEM and its history, as well as EURACHEM Newsletter 11 .

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