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Summer 1999


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Forthcoming Events
September 1999 3rd EURACHEM Workshop on the Status of Traceability in Chemical Measurement
6 - 8 September 1999, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
(see Newsletter 15)
Quality Assurance of Computer Systems in Laboratories
30 September - 1 October 1999, Berlin, Germany

This EUROLAB Workshop with involvement of EURACHEM addresses topics related to computers in the lab, like systems control (including calibration of test equipment), data acquisition, handling, processing, transmission, storage and archiving, the generation of test reports and certificates, administrative tasks, and human aspects of total lab computerisation. Working groups will deal with accreditation and management of computer-based labs, validation of software, and electronic reporting. Registration fee for the workshop is 690 DM, members of organising institutions are granted a deduction.

Ms Gudrun Neumann, Geschaeftsstelle EUROLAB-Deutschland, Unter den Eichen 87, 12205 Berlin, Germany
Phone: + 49 30 81043769   Fax: + 49 30 81043717    email:

November 1999 International Workshop on Principles and Practices of Method Validation
4 - 6 November 1999, Budapest, Hungary

The FAO-IAEA-AOAC-IUPAC workshop will bring together analytical chemists and representatives of agencies, governments, standard organisations and accreditation bodies involved in method validation, especially for residue analysis of pesticides, veterinary drugs and mycotoxins to define minimum data requirements for procedure characterisation, improve effectiveness of the within-laboratory QC, discuss the estimation of limits of de-tection, determination and quantitation, provide guidance on method performance characterisation, recommend practical validation approaches, and assist analytical laboratories to check compliance of food with Codex and national MRLs. The 3-day workshop will provide a forum for presenting research results/practical solutions and exchanging experience related to in-house method validation in general. Recommendations elaborated in working groups and agreed at the plenary session will be submitted to the Codex Secretariat for consideration. Deadline for abstracts was 30 July 1999. No fees will be charged for participation in the workshop. Contact:

Dr Arpad Ambrus
FAO/IAEA Agriculture and Biotechnology Laboratory
IAEA Laboratories, A-2444 Seibersdorf, Austria
Fax: + 36-1-246-2956
Any other matter:
Szabone Kükedi Gabriella
Budapest Plant Health and Soil Conservation
Station, 1519 Budapest Pf. 340
Fax: + 43-1-260028222
Subject: Method Validation Workshop
Symposium & Exhibition ”Gas Analysis”
7 - 9 November 1999, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

(note that conference location has changed to Eindhoven, for all other details see Newsletter 15)
May 2000 Symposium on Reference Materials for Technologies in the New Millennium
21 - 23 May 2000, BAM Berlin, Germany

The symposium (jointly organised with EURACHEM and other institutions) will provide an opportunity for the international exchange of information on, and experience with, reference materials (RM) between prominent RM users and producers with a focus on materials analysis. Sessions will be dedicated to specific topics:

General aspects
  • Providing RMs with tracable specification and how to use them to establish traceability in chemical measurement
  • Certification strategies
  • RM types and categories, RM databases
Certification of chemical composition
  • Pure materials and elemental solutions
  • Metal matrices, ceramics, and glasses
  • Semiconductors and high-tech materials
Certification of physical properties
  • Porous materials, particle-size RMs
  • Chromatography-column materials
  • Multi-phase systems

Invited lectures as well as contributed oral and poster presentations will show the state of the latest development in these fields. Persons interested in submitting oral/poster contributions and/or to participate are invited to contact:

Dr P Klobes, Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Dept. I.1
Richard-Willstaetter-Str. 11, D-12489 Berlin
Phone + 49 30 6392 5825    Fax + 49 30 6392 5972   email:

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