Eurachem Newsletter No 11 Winter 1996/97

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Forthcoming Workshop & Conference (3 entry)

Forthcoming Event
  1. March 16, 1997, PITTCON '97
  2. June 3 - 5th, 1997, Netherlands, 11th International LIMS Conference
  3. September. 29 - 30, 1997, Berlin, Eurachem Workshop on Measurement Uncertainty

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CITAC Activities at PITTCON '97

½-day symposium entitled "Chemical Measurements: Worldwide Interlaboratory comparisons": March 16, 1997

For further information please contact:
The CITAC Secretariat, LGC, Queens Road, TEDDINTON, Middlesex, TW11 0LY, UK

Eurachem Workshop on Measurement Uncertainty
29 - 30 September, 1997, Berlin

Preparations Continue Towards the Next Uncertainty Workshop

Over 750 copies have been sold of the first edition of the EURACHEM Guide "Quantifying Uncertainty in Analytical Measurement", which was published in May 1995. The Working Group have received a large number of favourable comments on the Guide, together with numerous suggestions for additions or clarifications that could be included in a future version. In addition many national EURACHEM organisations have held seminars, and members of the Working Group have given lectures at a number of them.

Although a great deal of work still needs to be done, a significant number of laboratories have at least made a start on the evaluation of the uncertainty on their results.

Since publication of the Guide, the Working Group has been looking at topics that were either not covered or not covered adequately in the first edition. A very important issue is the relationship between method validation and uncertainty evaluation. Much of the data required to evaluate uncertainty could be obtained during the collaborative study of a method. If this data were available then it would reduce the work that each laboratory needs to do itself. The working group is preparing recommendations for changes to existing validation protocols so that the necessary data is provided.

Another topic is how the evaluation of uncertainty fits in with the concept of detection and determination limit. This in turn is related to the problem of identification, particularly when measuring trace levels for control purposes. The working group has been looking at whether the concept of uncertainty can be usefully applied to identification. An approach based on the probability of evidence, as used in forensic analysis, looks to be promising.

These and other topics will be discussed at the forthcoming EURACHEM Workshop on the Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainty in Chemical Analysis. It was always planned that there would be a second EURACHEM Workshop about two years after the publication of the Guide. This would discuss experience in its use and modifications and additions that might be included in a second edition. The workshop will be held in Berlin at BAM on 29-30 September 1997. A training course will also be held on the afternoon of 28 September for those unfamiliar with the topic.

Anyone interested in attending or presenting a poster or paper should complete and return the slip on the enclosed insert.

Mr Alex Williams
Chair, EURACHEM Measurement Uncertainty Working Group

For further information about the workshop, Contact by Email:

Eurachem Forthcoming Event

11th International LIMS Conference
June 3-5th 1997, Netherlands Congress Centre, The Hague

Following the very successful 9th Conference in Bonn, EURACHEM has agreed to provide support again, this time to the 11th LIMS Conference, which promises to be the biggest yet in Europe.

The three-day programme for LIMS-97 features formal lectures, poster displays, breakout sessions, and vendor workshops. As always, there will also be a comprehensive computing exhibition featuring the market leaders in LIMS and scientific computing.

The theme for the conference is the integration of data, information and computer systems, and features such topics as:

  • LIMS for new or prospective users
  • LIMS- Total Management Tool 1 - Good case studies on implementation
  • LIMS- Total Management Tool 2 - Cost/benefits of a LIMS
  • LIMS- Quality Management Tool - QA, validation, regulatory compliance
  • LIMS and the multi-media approach
  • LIMS and the paperless laboratory - electronic signatures
  • The lab of the Future - the lab computing environment beyond 2000
  • Integration - LIMS, the automated laboratory and production control

For more information on the 11th International LIMS Conference,contact:

LIMS 97, 45 Hilltop Avenue Hullbridge,   HOCKLEY, Essex, SS5 6BL,UK
Tel:    +44 1702 231268,        Fax:    +44  1702 230580
Conference updates appear on the Elsevier LIMS website:

Mr Alex Williams
on behalf of the organising committee for LIMS '97.

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